Kamal Kunj Finance

Kamal Kunj Finance was founded on in a remote district of western Rajasthan, that is Jaipur better and fondly known as Industrial city of Rajasthan. The primary objective being uplifting of the social and financial status of its members by inculcating saving habits amongst them through the spirit of Co-Operation, and providing technical and financial support. The Principal function of the society is to render financial services to its members and to reach the nook and corner of the country through branch expansion where financial facilities have not reached. Kamal Kunj Finance shows the importance of such Finance in the country who can make people realize the importance of savings and can provide loan according to their needs.Kamal Kunj Credit Co-operative society has been established to promote saving among its members. We are proud to announce that we are the largest one of its kind in North India.Kamal Kunj Finance was registered with the Registrar Co-Operative Society Rajasthan and its area of operation was confined to districts in Rajasthan.


How many times has someone asked you, "Where do you see yourself in the next 10 to 20 years?" And, you were not sure exactly what to say. To become financially independent, it is imperative that we develop a vision for where we want to go and devise a strategy that will enable us to see our dreams come true. Consider sitting down with a licensed financial professional to review your budget and discuss your goals and objectives. He or she can help you sort things out and make the appropriate decisions. Based on what you share, that person can help you devise a financial strategy to stay on track and meet your goals in a timely fashion. We set out to destroy all normal standards in network marketing and to give you the opportunity to finally change your financial future forever. Our support, training, tools and infrastructure will allow you to work with achieve unlimited amounts of income.

Our Philosophy

Who says that business can't be fun? We enjoy what we do and having fun along the way makes business enjoyable for everyone. Our aim is to help others succeed and to be accessible. You can contact us by email and most importantly, by telephone. We recognize that sometimes a client just needs to discuss regarding their progress with a real live human being. Therefore, we usually try to answer our phones personally. I think that our customers deserve that. Of course we aren't always in the office. So, if you happen to call after business hours or find that we're on another line, feel free to leave a message and we will be happy to return your call if we can be of service.

Customer Care

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